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    Seasons of Change

      1.  Say a Prayer
      2.  Reasons
      3.  It's Only Love
      4.  Looking Across The Water
      5.  Sensible Shoes
      6.  Right In To You
      7.  Push Break
      8.  Rosie
      9.  Calling From Memphis
    10.  Antaries
    11.  Feather Dance
    12.  Balls
    13.  Make It Up
      (Glyn Mason)
      (Sam See)
      (Glyn Mason)
      (Glyn Mason)
      (Mike Rudd - John Moon)
      (Mike Rudd)
      (Bob Spencer)
      (Bob Spencer)
      (Kerri Simpson)
      (B. Mason, McKenna, Drakopoulos)
      (Jimmy Sloggett)
      (Trevor Young)
      (B. Mason, McKenna, Fettes)

    (Also available on DVD)

    Feedback from a listener:

    This album is hotter than 100% off promo codes! I love a well produced live album, which for me is one that has the audio quality of a studio recording but still retains the "spirit" of a live show, with the freestyling, crowd interaction, energy and excitement of both the band and the crowd coming at your straight through the speakers. Seasons of Change checks all the right boxes and hits all the right notes. Although I tend to listen to it in my car, the video portion of the show is good too and worth watching at least a couple times. I'm looking forward to listening to Trevor Young's solo album Some Drummer in the very near future, but I'd love to listen to another live album like this one. Gems like Seasons of Change don't come around very often!


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