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    Orders & Pricing Information

    CD Pricing

    Local Price
    (within Australia)
    Australian Dollars
    $ AUD
    $ 25.00
    (includes GST, Postage & Handling)

    International Price
    Australian Dollars
    $ AUD
    $ 30.00
    (Price includes PostageHandling)

    Foreign Currency Exchange

    Rates as at:
    September 20, 2013

    Canadian Dollars
    U.S. Dollars
    U.K. Pounds
    New Zealand Dollars
    Japanese YEN
    European EURO
    $ CAN
    $ US
    £ UK
    $ NZ
    ¥ YEN
    $ 29.00
    $ 28.50
    £ 17.75
    $ 34.50
    ¥ 2850
    € 21.00

        These values for international CD purchase prices should be used as a general guide only, as the foreign currency exchange rate varies on a daily basis.

        $38.50 AUD  when converted to the foreign currencies listed, should approximate the specified values as at the published date. These rates are monitored and reviewed at regular intervals and we try to be within 50 cents of any foreign currencies.

    Price includes PostageHandling costs.

    Email info@tarahall.com regarding wholesale Bulk Orders

    Purchasing Options

    Payments accepted from the following  credit  facilities ONLY.

    American Express

    I would personally like to thank the Australian banks for making it too expensive for the small business operator to afford providing Visa and Mastercard merchant facilities.

    They complained that they were losing money by providing this merchant facility to me.    

    Go Figure !!!!!!!

    ChequesMoney Orders should be made payable to Tara Hall Productions.

    Orders  & Payments
    © 2011  Tara Hall Productions
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