Leslie Avril

Cowboy in My Bed

  1.  Cowboy in my bed
  2.  What I used to get up to
  3.  Tangled up in love
  4.  The Fool  *
  5.  Some of these blues  *
  6.  Flesh and bone  *
  7.  There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis
  8.  Ticking of the clock
  9.  Far from the storm  *
10.  Love won't come  *
11.  Fatter than Texas
12.  Good news bad   *
13.  When Billy came back
14.  I'd rather stay home  *

©2000 Leslie Avril

Produced by Greg Macainsh at Newmarket Studio, North Melbourne, VIC.

Engineered and mixed by Chris Corr

Mastered by Chris Corr & Adam Dempsy at Newmarket Studio, North Melbourne, VIC.

*  Produced by Leslie Avril & Chris Corr at Wild Dog Sudios, St. Andrews, VIC.

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Leslie Avril

PO Box 34
Smiths Gully, VIC. 3760

Email: leslieavril@tpg.com.au

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©2001 Tara Hall Productions for Leslie Avril