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    Greg Hoskins

    145 High Street
    Thomastown, VIC. 3074

    Tel:      +61 3 9464 6900
    Mobile:  +61 4 1858 8889

    Email: ghoskinstattoo@comcen.com.au

    All Types of Work

    Specializing in Portraits

    Autoclave Sterilization

    Custom Work by Request


    Care for New Tattoos  

  • Keep out of sun until healed

  • Do NOT pick or scratch

  • Remove bandage after 1 hour

  • Clean with warm water and soap

  • Apply Bepanthen cream 3 times daily


    If the tattoo is on an exposed area of skin, be sure to usea high quality sunscreen liberally to protect the area.

    It is best to use suncreen with the highest SPF rating that you can find and be sure the kind you chooses does not contain alcohol (like some spray sunscreens) or tanning oils.

    The better you take care of your new tattoo while it's healing, the longer it will stay vibrant and looking great.

                                                                     Reference:  Independent Research Advice (US)


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