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  • Lost Long Weekend - Dual CD

    Phil Para - Vocals & Guitars
    Mick "The Reverend" O'Connor - Piano & Hammond Organ
    Les Gough - Vocals & Bass
    Dave "Chicken" Stewart - Vocals, Drums & Percussion
    Steve Williams - Vocals, Sax & Harmonica
    Gavan Anderson - Vocals & Guitars

    Occasional Itinerent Musicians
    Ross Nicholson - Vocals
    Jimmy Fewing - Bass & Vocals
    Steve Donald - Drums, Percussion & Vocals
    Warren Keats - Guitar, Vocals & Sound Re-Inforcement
    Peter Laffey - Guitar & Vocals
    Mark Grieg - Guitar & Vocals
    Tinsley Waterhouse - Vocals

      PLAY LIST  

    Disc 1:

    "Live at the Espy"

    Come on home
    Serve somebody
    All along the watchtower
    The very thing
    Call me the breeze
    T-Bone shuffle
    Willie the pimp
    Take me to the river
    Don't let go
    Treat her right

    Disc 2:

    "Live at the Roxy"

    Call me the breeze
    Rainy day women (#12 & 35)
    T-bone shuffle
    Spiders & snakes
    Serve somebody
    Treat her right
    Walkin' the dog
    Don't let go
    Real fine love
    Pride & Joy
    Baby please don't go

    Recorded live to digital audio tape (DAT) at the Esplanade Hotel, St. Kilda on June 11 1994 and
    at the Roxy Hotel, South Melbourne on June 12 1994. Digital editing, equalization and mastering November 1998. Original live recording & post production (1998) by David Wren.

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