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      Campbell Town, Tasmania
    Campbell Town
    84 High Street
    Mary and Gavan Anderson are the great-grandchildren of Jabez and Mary Ellen Bartlett of Campbelltown, Tasmania. Jabez Bartlett was a trader and dealer in Campbelltown from the mid 1850's, a business he started after receiving his pardon or 'Certificate of Freedom' on the 31 May, 1853. In 1856, Mary Ellen Walsh was given her Certificate of Freedom, and on the 16 November 1864, the first of their seven children, a daughter Emma, was born. Their seventh child, Alicia Maud, was born on the 7 June, 1880, thus beginning a small dynasty of Australian musicians.

    Maud was to become the Pianist and Music Director for the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind orchestra, which performed concerts to assist in raising money for that organization. Her brother, Charles, a vocalist who played the flute, had suffered blindness due to an accident at the age of eight and was in the care of the RVIB.

    Two of Maud's children, Adrian and Rosalie were both to become well-known Melbourne harpists. Adrian was the principal harpist for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, whilst Rosalie was a member of the J.C. Williamson's Theatre Orchestra playing extensively for the Opera and Ballet. Upon his retirement from the M.S.O., Adrian was to take on the role of Secretary of the Victorian branch of the Musicians Union, a position he held almost up to the time of his decease in 1990.

    Mary Anderson, who holds the degrees of Bachelor of Music from the University of Melbourne, was taught both harp and piano from four years of age, first by her grandmother, Alicia Maud Bartlett, and then by her aunt, Rosalie Bendall. She has worked in London as a free-lance harpist, and for three years was principal harpist with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. After working for ten years for the A.B.C. in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, she has been principal harpist in the State Orchestra of Victoria since 1988. She acts as an examiner in harp, and is the Victorian representative on the Harp Specialist panel for the Australian Music Education Board.

    Gavan Anderson has been a professional guitarist-vocalist in the Australian Rock Music Industry for nearly 30 years working and travelling extensively both in Australia and overseas. He has been Music Director for various performers, including Australian singer-songwriters Russell Morris and Brian Cadd, as well as being a member of the Melbourne studio musicians fraternity playing and recording with artists such as the Seekers, Alison Durbin, and Johnny Chester.

    Tara Hall Productions  is Gavan's music recording and production business which he and Mary use for the promotion of their individual and collective talents.

    Article courtesy of Tasmanian Senior Magazine 1998


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