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    "Tara Hall" was the name of the house at 17 Grice Crescent Essendon, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, where my grandmother, Alicia Maud Bendall (neè Bartlett), lived and taught music until she died peacefully at home on 3rd September 1954. So intense was the dedication to music in the family that there was a piano in every room .... (well almost).

    Maud Bendall was the accompanying pianist for the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, which used to put on concerts around the country to raise money for the society.

    Her brother, Charles Bartlett, had suffered blindness from the age of eight due to an accident, so she was involved with the Institute from a family as well as a musical level. Seeing as how she died when I was four years old I am unable to ask her any further questions, but there has been a fair list of professional musicians through the various generations of her family and their descendants:-

    Maud Bendall - Piano & Harp, R.V.I.B. (1880 -1954)
    Charles Bartlett - Vocalist & Flautist, R.V.I.B. (1875-1945)
    Adrian Bendall - Principal Harpist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (1914-1990)
    Rosalie Bendall - Principal Harpist, J.C. Williamson's Theatres
    Mary Anderson - Principal Harpist, Victorian State Orchestra
    Gavan Anderson - Guitarist & Vocalist, Melbourne Recording Industry
    Richard Anderson - Bass & Keyboards, Sydney Pop Music Fraternity

    So far the family's musical history can be traced back to the harpist, "Elizabeth Butcher", from the late eighteenth century (circa 1795), who would become Jabus Bartlett's mother. At one stage she was a member of the English Royal Court's harp ensemble in London.

    As children we are impressionable and "The Harps that played in Tara Hall" was a phrase that used to be bandied about the house when I was young (and probably before that as well), so when I needed a trading name for my business, which at the time was being a professional musician, record producer, session musician, teacher, and general 'dogsbody' provider of musical related services, not surprisingly I chose a name with some relevance to my family's history.

    Thus "Tara Hall Productions" was born and registered in 1984 and proffered "An Affair of the Harp" as its first recorded release on an extremely minimalist budget. There has been a great deal of water go under the bridge since then but the budget has not really changed a great deal.

    Gavan Anderson


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