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    "I think this is excellent! Well put together with all the bio and educational stuff!
    There is so much here to learn from and be inspired! Really great music.
    The variety is HUGE!"

    Dom Famularo, international clinician

    "...informative background information, drum set ups and interview snippets on each musician
    ...a CD enabling the reader to dissect transcriptions, and hear just why these musicians are held in such high regard
    ...essential reading for anyone even vaguely into the art of drumming."

    Australian Musician Magazine

    "I had a strong urge to write to you and say THANK YOU!!
    Thanks for the book and the inspiration that comes with it."

    J. Lebesis, Melbourne bass player

    "...the value of the book is not only seen in the study of session drumming grooves, but the true strength of the book is found in the way each of the musicians tell their story to the author.
    The interviews in the book ... each tell a story, such as overcoming personal difficulties and dealing with stress in what is generally seen as a ruthless music industry. The cynical adage so often used is in the music-making industry is 'It's not what you know, but who you know'.... the story of each of these musicians confirms the fact that it is 'what you learn and how you grow' that KEEPS you there."

    Chris Quinlan, Australian Music Teacher Magazine

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