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      1.  Love'll Win It
      2.  Lay With You
      3.  Better In Bed
      4.  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
      5.  Belonging To You

    ©   1994    Nikki Nicholls
      (Nikki Nicholls)
      (Romig - Sablotny)
      (Romig - Sablotny)
      (Nikki Nicholls)
      (Nikki Nicholls)


    Thanks to the following:

    Mike Brady, Doug Brady, Adrian Scott, Steve Romig, Frank Sablotny, Mark Grieg, Lisa Bade
    James Uluave, Ross Cockle, Craig Harnath, Paul Gildae, Fud, Jason Gautreaux, Wayne Boothman

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