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    Screensound Australia

    The Australian Music Project

    Preserving Music for Future Generations

    Screensound Australia

    The Australian Music Project is an initiative of ScreenSound Australia, the national Screen
    and Sound Archive, born out of a passionate commitment to the preservation of Australian Music
    in all its forms. By contributing material to the National Audio Collection you will ensure
    that your work is painstakingly preserved, and made accessible for generations to come.

    Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Folk, Hard Rock,
    Punk, Metal, House, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Acid, Industrial, Thrash

    - if it's an Australian production featuring Australian artists, we would love to archive it.

    For an individual work of music, a basic representation in the Collection is comprised by
    the following items:

    2 x CDs
    2 x Biographies or Release Sheet Publicity Flyers
    2 x Photographic publicity prints

    We also archive master tapes, demos, memorabilia, stage props, merchandising
    and transparencies. If available, point-of-sale items such as posters and any
    documentation related to production or publicity, are also carefully preserved
    by the Archive.


    Material may be sent to  ScreenSound Australia  by post.

    Screensound Australia

    URL:  www.screensound.gov.au

    Email:  ScreenSound Australia

    For more information, contact:

    Australian Music Project

    Attn:   Daniel Fernandes

    ScreenSound Australia
    G.P.O. Box 2002,
    Canberra, ACT. 2601,

    Tel: +61 2 6248 2034

    Fax: +61 2 6248 2167

    Email:   Daniel Fernandes


    ScreenSound Australia  Offices.

    Canberra Melbourne Sydney

    ScreenSound Australia
    McCoy Circuit
    Acton, ACT. 2601,

    Tel: +61 2 6248 2091

    Fax: +61 2 6248 2222

    Email: access@screensound.gov.au

    ScreenSound Australia
    170 Clarendon Street,
    South Melbourne, VIC. 3205,

    Tel: +61 3 9685 5800

    Fax: +61 3 9685 5810

    Email: melbourne@screensound.gov.au

    Screensound Australia
    Level 4, 150 William Street,
    Wooloomooloo, NSW. 2011,

    Tel: +61 2 9321 6444

    Fax: +61 2 9321 6491

    Email: sydney@screensound.gov.au


    ScreenSound Australia  observes and supports all copyrights.


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