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    17  Harwood Archives      Live At St.Andrews Hotel     

    16 great live tracks recorded by renowned FOH audio engineer, Rob Harwood at the St. Andrews Hotel. This CD features various artists including Geoff Achison, Texas Flood, Jeff Lang, Indelible Murtceps, Shannon Bourne and Broderick Smith.

    Harwood Archives

    18  Forever Young Music      Seasons of Change     

    The musicians featured on this CD have played with some of Australia's most creative bands: Blackfeather, Madder Lake, Spectrum, Flying Circus, Chain, Goanna ... the list just goes on and on. Playing some of their hits along with some new & previously unrecorded original songs, all of these musicians gave great performances and wonderful support to this project, the intention of which was to create a platform for them to perform in an environment that gave respect to their talents.


    19  Nikki Nicholls    (Female Vocal & Band)  

    Nikki is a singer-songwriter who began her singing career at a very early age on a weekly Australian children's TV show called "Brian and the Juniors".

    After leaving school she performed throughout Australia and overseas. Since the early 1980's Nikki has been one of Australia's top session singers.

    Misunderstood Exhibit A Yume Ippai

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