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     10  Kirk Lorange    (Bottleneck/Slide Guitar)  

    Originally from  Canada  and now a proud member of the Australian music community, this fine album captures the essence of  Kirk's guitar style. If you like slide and bottleneck guitar this album is a must for your collection.

    Be sure to also check out

    "Plane Talk, The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book"

    written by  Kirk  and available direct via his own web site.

    (Gavan Anderson - Tara Hall Productions)

    Still No Apostrophe Plane Talk

     11  Leslie Avril    (Female Vocal & Band)  

    From piano bar to rock & roll to country, Leslie  has done it all. She has worked all over Australia and in the U.S., receiving wide acclaim, most notably in Colorado & Nashville where she continues to be offered return bookings.

    This album, produced by  Greg Macainsh  of  Skyhooks  fame, features songs by  Ross Wilson  and  Kerryn Tolhurst  amongst others, showing off her vocal talents and that special ability to lend something of herself to the songs that she performs.

    Cowboy in My Bed

     12  Ron Martini    (Male Vocal & Band)  

    For all of you who remember  Dear Enemy  from the 80's, this is  Ronnie's  solo album. Produced by bassist  John McCormack  with lots of help from everyone everywhere, including  Tooheys  brewery, who graciously provided caseloads of assistance, and the patience of all at  Studio 52  in Collingwood where most of it was consumed.

    Big Night Out

     13  Lyndsay Hammond    (Female Vocal & Band)  

    One of Australia's under-promoted talents, singer-songwriter  Lyndsay's  current album,  The Raven  showcases not only her vocal abilities but also her songwriting skills. Produced by guitarist, Glenn Goldsmith  from Perth, Western Australia, the album features some fine Australian players.

    The Raven
    (Current Release)
    The Raven
    (First Edition)

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