Kirk Lorange

Plane Talk

The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book

Does this sound like you ?

(a)   You know your chords ... (sort of)
(b)   You can play some scales ... (kind of)
(c)   You have a vague idea of what 'modes' are
(d)   You can play some tunes and licks
(e)   You can fake your way through some improvisation
(so long as it's twelve-bar)
(f)   You don't read notation
(g)   You're stuck in a rut
(h)   You're still looking for a way of putting it all together
on the fretboard

Plane Talk

the "Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book" is a
comic strip conversation that takes place on a plane between
a seasoned guitarist and a guy who gave up trying to figure
it all out. The reader gets to listen in as the pro lets him in on a secret, a short-hand way of tracking all music on the guitar.

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